Knowledge of history and respect for tradition

Each uniform has a story to tell and a tradition to honour.

Our first goal is respect for what your uniform represents and for the values ​​that it has to transmit.

For this reason, our company's archives contain hundreds of original samples of specifications, sketches and photographs that make it possible to reconstruct the main phases of the history of Italy's Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies over the last sixty years.

For the same reason, our society keeps a small workshop alive in Italy where, still today, we are able to reproduce or restore caps and entire historical uniforms with the same care and craftsmanship of the past.

Improvement of your comfort

The firm historical roots and family tradition of our company lead us to safeguard the values ​​of the past and attention to detail.

But every product is subject to continuous and progressive evolution: we review every detail of our products daily to make them better and increasingly tailored to the needs of those who wear their uniform with pride and dedication.

Technology and the use of innovative materials

We carefully select the fabrics and accessories that are used in the manufacture of our clothing.

We work closely with our major suppliers and, with them, look for the best raw materials.

We experiment with innovative materials and cutting edge technical solutions to also offer the uniforms and workwear market technological and up-to-date garments in line with the novelties available in fashion and sportswear.

Selection of the best raw materials

The quality of our garments is obtained starting from the selection of raw materials, fabrics and accessories.

CO.MI. takes care of every supply using very restrictive reference technical specifications for all materials necessary for the production of the products manufactured in its own laboratories or marketed under its own brand.

Each company supply is carefully selected and evaluated on the basis of the ability to produce suitable products as well as adequate guarantees of quality and continuity of supply. All the companies with which CO.MI. collaborates are called on to ensure high standards of safety, quality, durability and comfort of the different components of our clothing articles.

Before use in our products, all raw materials and accessories undergo very strict controls, including laboratory tests at accredited external institutions which are able to carry out verification of individual product requisites in accordance with UNI standards.

Your safety

Each job requires a uniform that is safe and designed "ad hoc".

Our technical managers design each garment starting from the conditions of use and, in particular, the potential risks to which the end user may be exposed.

During the development of new products, we carefully evaluate the applicability of standards and any technical specifications to safeguard not only comfort, but above all the safety of those wearing a uniform.

For these reasons, we produce garments with CE marking, for which we have obtained important product certification.

Our Quality System

Through its managerial staff, our company takes direct care of the study and development of models, research and testing of materials.

All production – whether small or large series – is carried out in structures owned by CO.MI. or at qualified external laboratories which our company constantly monitors.

Our company has a Quality System certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

Help us to improve

All business processes are constantly monitored to guarantee what is produced every day for our customers.

If you are already our customers, help us to improve the quality of our products and the service that we offer.

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